How to use Templates in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition

Emmanuel Marchiset
4 min readDec 3, 2023

While this is common in integration projects to have to manage the same integration scenario for different business objects this translate in having to implement the same flow multiple times but with different Schemas and Mappings in BusinessWorks.

To help manage such requirements recent BusinessWorks versions support creating a template from a project and creating a new project using such template.

This new blog article is to explain how to use this feature.

Creation of a template

Create an application skeleton in Studio having in mind this will become a template used to create a number of actual applications.

For example you can create a template of an application processing JMS messages that would includes

. A JMS connection resource

. The properties needed to configure such resource

. A process with a JMS Receive Message activity, logging activities, a call to a sub-process containing the business logic to implement in each variant and a default error handler

Example of an application that will be used to create a Template

Once your template application is created, you can create a template with the following:

. Right click on the application you want to use to create a Template

. Select Export -> Studio Projects as Template

Exporting an application as a Template

A panel similar to the example below appears:

Template creation panel

. Click on Select Dependencies and select a target folder to manage the templates

Template creation panel with user selection

. Click Next, , a panel similar to the example below appears

Template details

Update the proposed Name and Version and add a Description as needed.

. Click Finish

. After 10 to 20 seconds you can check the template as been created in the specified template folder

Template application file in the Template folder

Note that a template file is in zip format and can be unzipped if needed.

Creation of an application from a template

You can create a new BusinessWorks project from a template with the following:

. Right click in the Project Explorer area

. Then select the menu New -> BusinessWorks Project from Template

Creating an application from a Template

In the panel that appears, select the template project you want to use:

Selection of the panel to use

. Click Next, a panel similar to the example below appears

Summary on the selected Template

. Click Next , a panel similar to the example below appears

Template configuration panel

You can update the Application Name and Module Name by selecting the existing name in the column on the left and entering the new name in the column on the right.

Template configuration panel with the target configuration

. Click Finish

You now have to add the elements needed to fully implement the new application instance, this would include the schema describing the message received over JMS, the resource describing the back-end service that need to be called and the sub process doing the needed mappings and calling the back-end.

Application created using the template

Reference elements

BusinessWorks documentation



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