How to update an XSD schema namespace in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition

Emmanuel Marchiset
1 min readMar 30, 2024

Updating an XSD schema namespace in a BusinessWorks application or shared module have a significant impact for the processes using it while all the activities using the updated schema are impacted.

Even if not explicitly mentioned in the documentation, it is possible in BusinessWorks Studio to update an XSD schema namespace and to update automatically all the impacted processes.

This can be done with the following:

. Right click on the target xsd file

. Select ‘Refactor -> Rename XSD schema namespace’

Refactor -> Rename XSD schema namespace menu

. Update the name space as needed and make sure the option ‘Update references to the XSD schema namespace’ is checked

Updating the XSD Schema Namespace

Once done you can check that all activities in all processes using the schema have been updated.

If the XSD schema is in a shared module the update is made in all applications referring to the shared module that are opened in the current workspace.



Emmanuel Marchiset

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