How to recreate bwagent local configuration files from the bwagent database


An operating bwagent manage in the ‘domains’ file directory tree an image of the configurations of the domains, appspaces, appnodes and applications it manages.

Example of a bwagent directory tree

It might be needed in some cases to recreate this directory tree from the bwagents database, like after a full re-installation of the BusinessWorks stack on the target machine.

This can be done with the following command:
bwadmin restore agent <AGENT_NAME>

bwadmin restore agent esbsrv01

Note that for this command to work the bwagent must be running on the machine.

Also changes directly made in the appspace or appnode .config files and changes made in the .tra files are lost while such changes are not kept in the bwagent database.



Emmanuel Marchiset

I work as an Architect at TIBCO Software on Integration products. Opinions here are my own.